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Labor relations and human resources Are they the same?


What are labor relations and human resources about?

To get a little more into the matter, we must first talk about these two issues. They are in a relationship, and they are not synonymous. First, we have the labor relations in a company that includes regulations that meet both workers and the company, as an employee and employer. Therefore it has to do with the rules and duties that each party has to comply with.

Second, what are human resources? Although it is usually defined as a department, they are a series of strategies aimed at maintaining the order and performance of the company. This is how they make plans to create a good work team and then improve it to increase productivity. Taking human talent as the primary responsibility is the staff and all its aspects from your hiring, salary, and evaluation.

Difference between labor relations and human resources

To understand the difference between labor relations and human resources, we must clarify that the former only encompasses the legal field. In this sense, this would be the attempt to ensure that the agreements and regulations are complied with. It also has a significant role in terms of legal conflicts that may arise.

Human resources are only strategies and techniques focused on the organization and management of human talent. In this way, he makes the team feel comfortable with the company and its tasks to be performed. It also creates the most effective solutions and methods for businesses to work.


How have labor relations and human resources evolved in recent years?

Thanks to the digital transformation, we have witnessed many changes worldwide, and they have stood out even more in the workplace, as is the case with labor relations. Because the modalities and demands of work can no longer be maintained as before, now it is necessary to offer jobs with flexibility and growth opportunity for the employee since the internet has been a great advantage to achieve and maintain a fair work team.

Therefore we have seen how even new jobs have been opened and also they have become crucial figures for companies. Career and positions that, although they existed a few years ago with a more generic name, today have great relevance. And this is the product of a study and assessment that companies had to do to adapt to the new times, which has considerably affected labor relations and human resources because it is one of the reasons that alerted companies to the changes that were approaching.

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to use the internet as an alternative to the face-to-face modality was evidenced. Since this was the key so that many businesses could invoice. Teleworking is becoming one of the most compelling examples and solutions during a health crisis.

What can you do to improve the work environment and performance in your company?

As a company, it is expected that you want to increase productivity. But asking for results without creating the conditions to request it does not usually go well. For this reason, we offer you different types of advice so that your employees are the ones who feel motivated to give 1000% for their work:

·        Please communicate with your employees, listen to them, and value their opinions. You may find many weaknesses that you can improve.

·        Maintain respect; relationships must be based on respect and tolerance to overcome adversity properly.

·        Implement motivation in your strategies because the best way to show that they agree with the objectives achieved is by manifesting it.

·        It encourages cooperation, there are work teams that do not get involved with each other, and when asking for their support, they hardly comply. This happens because there is a lack of companionship and cooperation. Unify your team, involve them and create ties where everyone shares the same vision.

·        Incorporates a staff in charge of motivating the team and assessing their personal and group performance. For example, coaches and psychologists. Although it seems unnecessary, it will help locate the problems and difficulties of the team and solve them on time.

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