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How to optimize my wordpress website? What to do?


Why do you need a blog?

When updating blog content, many don't realize the importance of having original and valuable content. Regular updates are indeed important. But you won't do much if you copy and paste articles from other media or fill them with the irrelevant text once a week. techwadia

Let's say the reason you created your website is to attract potential customers. Realizing the importance of providing up-to-date information, create content that develops intelligence and is regularly updated. This is important for your online brand and also to know how to optimize your website.


It is a good idea to assume that the heart of your site is your blog. This can be considered the most flexible section of the site. But be careful. Would you please not neglect the rest of its parts or its quality? It would help if you always were on the lookout for improvement (WordPress performance).


Error how to improve my site in WordPress

Suppose you start your business on the Internet, perhaps not that often; you sit down and think about what comes to mind to a potential customer. From the first moment, they land on your home page.


Think that you appear for the first time in a new space, which is your home page. Your job as an organizer is to provide them with elements that shape their opinion about your brand, providing them with all the details they need. Whether they continue browsing will depend on how comfortable they feel, or they will leave you without regrets looking for another place where they can easily find what they need.


Of course, nobody wants that. Therefore, we must carefully study all the details and understand why visitors leave our portal. And with this information, customize everything so that they no longer fall into the arms of a competitor, like making my WordPress load faster.


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How to make my WordPress load faster: tips and more

A website that impresses visitors and performs well has a job. Therefore, below we will solve your doubts about how to optimize my WordPress website and what aspects you should take care of:


# 1. Don't welcome him to your home page:

The client knows you need it, and you are happy to have it on your page. Think that your view is limited when entering a page. Would you please not waste it on empty words or useless lines? Provide a headline that communicates what you are offering them in a way that makes them feel like experts on your needs.


No. 2. Don't focus on yourself:

Once a potential consumer reads a successful headline, they are thrown into a sea of ​​introductory text. Remember that he is the protagonist. Don't waste energy, time, and space-filling your home page with paragraphs about your accomplishments, feats, or company titles. The needs and interests of your client are the centers of attention. Treat him like "you" (or "you") so that he feels you are talking to your face and looking into your eyes. When you express your wishes in such detail, you will think better about what you need. This will motivate you to keep reading and understand that you will come up with a solution in the end.


Number 3. Use SEO to your advantage:

Put everything you know about using keywords into practice to optimize your site for search engines. Also, tools like the Google Adwords Keyword Planner can be of great help on how to optimize my WordPress website. Because they offer you information on the most searched words, depending on the product or service, locally or globally. Be careful adding them to your texts, so they look organic and don't show up. Otherwise, you will ruin the reading of your message and even scare the customers.


how to optimize my WordPress site


No. 4. Use a close and conversational tone:

Create a connection between what you want to say and what your customer may need. Start a conversation using your lines. Don't use flashy terms or overly technical language, and keep metaphorical images for other situations. Comfort and assistance are what your visitors are looking for.


Number 5. Organize your website:

If you are watching how to optimize your website, WordPress organizes your page very well. That is also part of the task. Therefore, visitors are not just looking for what they are looking for. Otherwise, they will doubt if you need it. You can also organize relevant information and user trips to the most exciting pages related to your search.


# 6. Don't forget the 

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