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Achievement orientation: useful tool for the future


What is achievement orientation?

It is the ability to direct all actions towards the expected, act quickly and urgently in the face of important decisions necessary to satisfy customer needs, surpass competitors or improve the organization. It is the ability to manage the established processes to not interfere with achieving the expected results. Tendency to achieve results, setting challenging goals above the standards, improving the ability to accomplish while maintaining a high level of performance as part of the organization's strategy.

How can I improve my productivity and ability to achieve?

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The importance of achievement orientation for companies

What is more important for a company is that its employees make the quick decisions they knew and wanted, act effectively to achieve the best possible results, and learn how to manage both the resources and the time required to achieve them? This certainly benefits the company.

In the business world, many other skills, known as unique, are required and demanded among staff, depending on the type of organization, area of ​​specialization, or position they occupy. Still, the competition that we are the treatment is common to all. That is the organizational competence that all company personnel must possess and must be taken into account by each human resource management subsystem. Why? Because it allows everyone to be in tune with the actual value of achieving the organization's goals. It is a performance orientation contest, or the so-called achievement orientation, one of the most sought-after competencies by all companies.


Likewise, achievement orientation is understood as directing all actions towards the expected goal, acting quickly and urgently when faced with the critical decisions required.


What is the purpose of this competition? What is the reason for its existence in practice?

It can match or exceed the competition.

To meet or exceed customer needs.

To improve the organization.

It tends to achieve results by setting challenging goals above the standards, improving and maintaining high-performance levels as part of its strategy.

When determining whether a company has this competence a candidate for the position or has already been hired by it, the company may have several options:

# 1. If you want to anticipate the behavior of your employees and, therefore, the results they can obtain in the future, the ideal moment and criteria is an interview, or rather, a critical incident interview.

In this type of interview, it is straightforward to discover it with situational questions, for example:


Describe a situation in which you managed to achieve a particular result. What steps have you taken to achieve these results?

Give an example of a project or team you managed where there were several obstacles to overcome. What have you done to overawed these obstacles?

It is not always easy to achieve specific work goals. Describe an essential purpose that you were able to achieve. Why was this an important goal? What were the results?

How do you define the results or objectives to be achieved in your work unit? What criteria do you use for this?

If your boss or manager sets new goals that you don't share, how do you react?

No. 2. If you want to assess whether an employee of your company has this competence, this will lead to some types of behavior, for example:

If the employee, by her attitude, creates an environment in the company that encourages continuous improvement and efficiency. Promotes the development and modification of processes to contribute to the company's efficiency.

If he acts to meet and exceed performance standards and deadlines, setting parameters must be met for himself or others. Work with clear, realistic, and ambitious goals.

If dissatisfied with your current level of performance, you try to make changes to your work style; things will improve if he tries to satisfy the customer as much as possible and exceed sales.

You want all of your employees to do their job well by expressing anger if you are ineffective or wasting time but not making an effort to take the necessary steps to improve.

Achievement Orientation: Conclusion

All this indicates that a person has this competence. At different levels, both the first and second skills will suggest that the employee has characteristics. However, in the latter behavior, this corresponds to doing the job correctly without

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